Poker Cards Ranking and Tournament Fever

The cybernetics says that all things around us are ranked: in any system, there is a master and the rest of things are guests (within a given system, of course). In fact, as to poker cards ranking everything looks about the same: there are face cards like ace, king, queen, knave and others, having some lower values. This kind of ranking is valid within a suit or the whole deck of cards. However, besides the visible ranking of cards there is another way one may rank the cards while playing poker: according to hands that one may have at a given moment of time. This latter ranking is not set, but rather dynamic, which depends on the situation at the table.

Important thing to remember any card ranking is in direct relation with one’s strategy; in other words, any card importance relies on a strategy one sticks to in the course of the game. Two completely distinctive examples of card ranking may be given, when people play poker in club on week-end, and, which is very different, when, perhaps, the same people take part in an online poker tournament buy-in competition. The former case gives them plenty of time to think of the situation, study other players’ faces and pick a fine strategy to play a game for pleasure. As to the latter variant, it is known that nobody has enough money to think longer than a time in between two calls. Therefore, ranking may vary a lot from one situation to another.