Play Poker Cards Guide

To play poker cards should be new and without any visible markings in order to avoid any possible misunderstanding in the course of the game. This simple rule is usually respected and most players prefer to keep their names unspoiled whether they play poker holdem or tri-card variant. However, not all people share this point of view and try to overcome natural course of things. It may seem that there exist situations when one has a really serious excuse to do that, but it is hardly the case. Generally speaking, this is not just a problem of poker, but rather a huge problem of gambling, which will exist for as long as the gambling itself will.

It is necessary to note that this problem has two sides and every poker player should keep in mind that he or she may face it at any place, at the moment when it is awaited least of all. From the practical viewpoint, there are actually two, and not only one, rules to follow. First, playing dirty tricks like that should be avoided by all means, and if it happened so that a player was caught in the middle of this, he or she has to make excuses as early as possible. Next, if a player has notices that any other player is doing something like that, it is better to stop the game and clear everything up. For the both situations, it is hard to say which part is harder to stand and where the consequences may be severer.